Packaging Images of the Transformers “Year Of The Horse” Supreme Starscream and Optimus Prime

toy-news-and-talkThanks to the Planet Iacon – Singapore Transformers Fans Unite Facebook page, we have a few images of the packaging for the Transformers Platinum Edition “Year Of The Horse” Supreme Starscream and Optimus Prime figures.

The Starscream is repaint of his Cybertron Ultimate Class figure, and the Optimus Prime is a repaint of the Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 mold. I’ve mirrored the images below. Not sure if these will be showing up at Toys R Us or not, but you can most likely count on online retailers to be carrying them. (Source: Facebook)

transformers-year-of-the-horse-starscream-pkg-01 transformers-year-of-the-horse-starscream-01 transformers-year-of-the-horse-optimus-prime-pkg-01 transformers-year-of-the-horse-optimus-prime-pkg-02 transformers-year-of-the-horse-optimus-prime-00

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