‘Pacific Rim’ Viral Marketing Barrage — Jaeger Blueprints & Kaiju Video [UPDATED]

hollywood-movie-newsA new promotional image has appeared online for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming giant robot movie, Pacific Rim. The sci-fi movie features giant robots that protect the world from giant monsters that have mysteriously appeared from the depths of the ocean. Pacific rim is a love letter of sorts to the Kaiju movies of the past (i.e. Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra, Rodan, etc.). You can check out the promotional image below which is a blueprint of the Jaeger called Gipsy Danger. Pacific Rim is currently set to release in July 2013. (Source: Bleeding Cool via Wired)

UPDATE #1: A second Jaeger blueprint has been found, a Russian one this time called Cherno Alpha. (Source: Bleeding Cool)

UPDATE #2: Another Jaeger blueprint has surfaced, this one is the Japanese Jaeger, Coyote Tango. (Source: Coming Soon via Eija)

UPDATE #3: A viral video of a Kaiju attack has surfaced too. (Via Slashfilm)

UPDATE #4: Two more Jaeger blueprints have shown up, the Chinese Crimson Typhoon (source) and Australian Striker Eureka (source). I’ve mirrored them below.

pacific-rim-jaeger-blueprint-gipsy-danger pacific-rim-jaeger-blueprint-cherno-alpha pacific-rim-jaeger-blueprint-coyote-tango pacific-rim-jaeger-blueprint-striker-eureka pacific-rim-jaeger-blueprint-crimson-typhoon

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