‘Pacific Rim’ Blu-ray and DVD Get A Release Date!

hollywood-movie-newsBack at the end of July, I posted about pre-orders being available for Pacific Rim Blu-ray and DVD that were listed on Amazon.com. And now today, thanks to the Pacific Rim Facebook page, we have a release date, October 15th! Originally listed on Amazon were three offerings for the giant robots versus monsters movie, but now there only seems to be two listings (which was updated with the new release date), a Blu-ray, DVD & UltraViolet Combo Pack and a Two-Disc Special Edition DVD with UltraViolet Digital. Not sure why the other Blu-ray version disappeared, but regardless we will be able to enjoy Pacific Rim in the comfort of our homes. I know I can’t wait to see it again!

pacific-rim-banner-blu-ray-dvd-release-date-announcement pacific-rim-blu-ray-combo-pack-box-art pacific-rim-blu-ray-3d-combo-pack-box-art pacific-rim-dvd-box-art

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