Original Sailor Moon Series Licensed by Viz

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon fans, rejoice. The seemingly unattainable license for the original Sailor Moon anime has at last been secured by Viz Media. It includes streaming, digital, and home video of all 200 episodes of the five TV series, three movies, and specials. Viz promises the royal treatment of the beloved series – all uncut and unedited, staying truer to the original Japanese script with original names, relationships, and stories. No Serena, Lita, Darien, no genderbending, no cousins. There will be an entirely new english dub with a new cast approved by manga creator Naoko Takeuchi. Watch the video at the link above to hear a teaser of the new Sailor Moon. The full english cast and more details will be revealed on Sailor Moon Day, July 5, at Anime Expo, where the first episode of the brand new Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal will premiere, also licensed by Viz.

Not to waste any time, Viz will begin streaming original subtitled Sailor Moon episodes Monday (or Moonday as they’re calling it), May 19 on Hulu, with new episodes every Mo(o)nday. DVD / Blu-ray releases including dubs will begin in the fall.

Anime News Network got an excellent exclusive interview with Viz Media with more details on the licensing, restoration, dub recording, and how important it is for everyone to get this right. Otherwise, in the name of the moon, we will punish you.

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  • i personally love the dic dub voices and music, so i’ll be keeping that copy of dvds. no one cried like terri hawkes. don’t know what i’ll think of this viz version. i’m not too fond of that high pitched sailor moon. i guess we shall see.