Onnit Challenges You To Train Like A Marvel Superhero

Onnit Captain American shield barbell platesFitness company Onnit has teamed up with Marvel for a line of functional fitness equipment inspired by Marvel’s most iconic heroes.

Soon, you’ll be able to build your super-strength with Onnit’s Marvel Hero Elite Captain America Shield barbell plates and Iron Man kettlebell. The barbell plates are modeled after Cap’s shield and fit any standard Olympic-sized barbell. They’ll come in 25, 25 and 45-pound increments.

Onnit’s Marvel Hero Elite Iron Man kettlebell is formed in the shape of Iron Man’s helmet, has a traditional handle, and weighs in at 40 pounds.

Those interested in getting in superhero shape can register on Onnit’s site for more information on the Captain American shield barbell plates and Iron Man kettlebell.

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