Onell Design’s Lost Sincroid Army Mini Mission Sale Details

toy-news-and-talkWe are just minutes away from the Onell Design mini-sale for their Lost Sincroid Army. This is something that has been in the works for a long time now and will soon be available to everyone. There will be two colorways for the Lost Sincroid Army (LSA), a standard in Green and yellow, plus a Granthan Corps in yellow, orange and black.

Lost Sincroid Army – Standard (Green/ Pale Yellow/ Dark Green painted limbs/detail lines/ painted eyes/ removable belt/ small scarf/ Elder Exellis head/ Dark Traveler Head/ Dark Traveler scarf) $10

Lost Sincroid Army – Granthan Corps (Pale Yellow/ Orange/ Black painted head/detail lines/ painted eyes/ removable belt/ small scarf/ Black painted Elder Exellis head/ Pale Yellow Dark Traveler Head/ Pale Yellow Dark Traveler scarf/ Extra paint accents) $12

???? -$12

Looks like there will also be a mystery figure available. The sale goes live at 9:30pm EST in the Onell Design Store. So get ready, the LSA is almost upon us!

onell-design-lost-sincroid-army-elder-exellis-head onell-design-lost-sincroid-army-standard onell-design-lost-sincroid-army-granthan-corps onell-design-lost-sincroid-army-standard onell-design-lost-sincroid-army-granthan-corps onell-design-argen-mk-xii-neo-phase

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