Onell Design’s Glyos “Revenge of the Armorvors” Series Available for Ordering

toy-news-and-talkThe latest Glyos series from Onell Design, Revenge of the Armorvors, has gone live for taking orders. There are also figures for the Enigma Source available to order. Now these are new to me, I just taking an interest in the Glyos System of figures from Onell Design. I placed an order for a couple of the Armorvors, plus a previous offering. I’m really looking forward to checking these out, as they look fantastic so far from the images. So head on over to the Onell Design Store to place an order.

glyos-armorvor-ivorinium-mimic glyos-armorvor-sider glyos-dark-traveler-gray-galaxy glyos-cayboth-gray-galaxy glyos-microshin-glyan

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