ONE-PUNCH MAN Episode 9: “Unyielding Justice” — A.K.A. Defining A Hero

In this week’s episode of One-Punch Man we get the conclusion to the fight with the Deep Sea King which started in the last one. Genos has reached the emergency shelter where many citizens have evacuated to, but the Deep Sea King has also arrived there. The two enter into a fight, one that looks like will be over quickly after Genos delivers a devastating punch. But we soon learn that the Deep Sea King won’t go down that easy.

Genos quickly learns that he still has much to learn as he once again becomes distracted in his fight and suffers some serious damage. And when the Deep Sea King threatens the life of a small child, Genos sacrifices his life to save her. This shows that he has what it takes to be a true hero.

In this episode the Mumen Rider finally enters the fight and what follows was absolutely hilarious. He is Class C hero, and most of them ran the other way when the Deep Sea King arrives and started taking down Class S and A heroes, but the Mumen Rider is determined to be a hero to the people and well, you will just have to watch the outcome.

Now the show is about Saitama, a.k.a. One-Punch Man, so it is no surprise that he takes down the Deep Sea King. But what follows is what makes him into a real hero, no matter how bored he gets fighting villains that just don’t match his strength.

Next was something we see daily on the Internet. When one civilian in the crowd rescued by Saitama starts to bad mouth him and call him out for being a fake. It felt very “Internet Troll” like and reminded me of more than a few people I have met over the years, sadly.

The end of the episode features a nice exchange between Saitama and Mumen Rider, it becomes a fitting end to the episode.

We also get a glimpse at what is coming next as Puri-puri Prisoner will be coming after Saitama soon.

And what is up with the Hero Association and Saitama? Do they have bigger plans for him?

The Good: Mumen Rider, as silly as he is, had me laughing, a lot. He represents what a lot of people want to do, but fail to do because of being scared. Plus Saitama’s deadpan expression continues to make me laugh as well.

The Bad: Genos being taken down too quickly by the Deep Sea King. I’d like to see him progressing further in his training by this point.

Overall this was another fantastic episode of One-Punch Man. The fight with the Deep Sea King is only the first few minutes, then the rest is spent with Saitama and how he handles the outcome of that fight. By the end we see many things that truly define being a real hero and the line between that and what the other “Reality Celebrity” heroes becomes even clearer.

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