ONE-PUNCH MAN Episode 8: “The Deep Sea King” — A Beverage Spitting Episode!

This week on One-Punch Man is something out of an issue of Aquaman, as a pack of sea monsters that call themselves the “Clan of the Seafolk” come ashore in City J. When it seems that Class A hero Stinger might put a stop to the monsters, the Deep Sea King arrives and lays waste to him and the heroes that follow.

The Deep Sea King continues his path through City J and takes down hero after hero, including Lightning Max and Puri-puri Prisoner. The latter of which had me laughing so hard that I nearly spit my drink out on the screen. As most characters seem to be based on other popular anime and manga characters, I’m not sure what the homage is behind this one. But that doesn’t matter, from the moment of his introduction — of which he says he has come to stop the Deep Sea King from hurting any more of his boys — along with Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, the dialogue will have you laughing.

Both Puri-puri Prisoner and Speed-o’-Sound Sonic broke out of prison, one for the reason to stop the Demon level threat and the other for what seems like for nothing more than to watch heroes die. After disposing of Puri-puri Prisoner, the Deep Sea King sets his eyes on Sonic, who doesn’t take to kindly to the insults he is given from the monster. The pair go at it with Sonic looking to have the upper hand for the most part.

Then it starts raining.

We quickly learn that the Deep Sea King was not at his full potential and his true power is unleashed. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic also quickly learns that without a weapon he more than likely won’t be able to defeat him. After he looses his clothes, Sonic decides he better escape while he can.

We then turn to Saitama who has met up with Mumen Rider — both of them have tried to reach the fight and are now riding together on Mumen Rider’s bicycle. Once Saitama sees a streaking by (literally) nude Sonic — which he doesn’t realize who it was — the two end up parting ways as he thinks that maybe it is someone in need of rescue.

Mumen Rider gets a call from the Hero Association that the Deep Sea King is attacking the City J shelter now and everyone else is being evacuated. He foolishly rides off to face the monster and ends up dropping his phone. Saitama then finds the phone on the ground ringing and answers it. It is the Hero Association again and they tell him of the situation.

The camera then pans to a very determined and focused Saitama that looks like he is ready for a fight. The episode is then to be continued from here.

The Good: With each episode the lifeless expression of Saitama juxtaposed to the insane scenes, continues to be the source of some great humor. As he shows us how bored he is and other heroes get trashed or killed — his strength goes unchallenged.

The Bad: Too short. I could easily watch more of this and still find just as much enjoyment in it.

Overall One-Punch Man episode 8 is almost non-stop laughs from the first few minutes until the end. This anime just keeps getting better and better with each episode as we explore the world of Saitama and the events around him.

And for those keeping track, the events of this episode take place in the One-Punch Man Volume 5 of the manga.

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