ONE-PUNCH MAN Episode 7: “The Supreme Pupil” — AKA The Selfless Hero

For those that are keeping track and interested, the events of this episode are from the first half of Volume 4 of the One-Punch Man manga.

From the opening of this episode of One-Punch Man, you know that this is going to be a big one. A giant meteor has changed course and is now heading towards Earth, or more specifically towards City Z. The Hero Association calls in their S Class heroes, but get no responders to this disaster. Genos is called into action and when he arrives at the Hero Association City Z headquarters, he is met by Bang, Class S rank 3, a.k.a. Silver Fang. This is where Genos, and us the viewers, learn that this is considered a threat level, Dragon, a worst case scenario.

After being told that all other S Class heroes wouldn’t come to help, Genos runs to help and try to stop the fall of the meteor to save City Z and his master, Saitama. This is where we are introduced to the hero, Bofoi, a.k.a. Metal Knight. It is revealed that this powerful hero that takes cues from Iron Man, is only there to test his latest weapon and doesn’t really care about the city or the people in it. Genos steps up — after Metal Knight’s attempt to stop the meteor with his new weapon — and unleashes his new upgrade. Just when it looks like he might be the one to stop it, it becomes clear that something more powerful is needed.

Enter Saitama.

After telling Bang to help Genos, Saitama unleashes his strength upon the meteor and shatters it. Though he does stop it, there is quite the fallout from the fragments, laying waste to much of City Z. All of this is just in the first half of the episode too!

The Good: Seeing Genos cutting loose to save City Z and his master, Saitama. The Tank-top Brothers — Tiger and Black Hole — they the are perfect comedy relief.

The Bad: Honestly, each week I try to find something that I don’t like, but this show is just too much fun. It doesn’t take itself serious at all, and is a blast to watch.

Overall, One-Punch Man episode 7 is one hell of a ride. From the intense action of the first half to the emotion in the second half. There are plenty of laughs in between as well. Definitely check it out!

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