ONE-PUNCH MAN Episode 6: “The Terrifying City”

Since the last episode of One-Punch Man, it has been five days when Saitama and Genos became professional heroes and registered with the Hero Association and are now part of the Hero Registry. This is something that Saitama has very much wanted and hopes that it will turn things around for him. But when Genos informs him that any C-class heroes that don’t fight any bad guys after week, will lose their hero registry status due to inaction, Saitama becomes very distraught and worried.

So he sets out to find a bad guy to fight, even though there isn’t much going on. After a day of frantically running around City Z, he decides to head home. The following day he sets out again, only to be attacked by Speed-o’-Sound Sonic and becomes annoyed by him. Saitama is then mistaken for a bad guy when a little girl accuses him of being one because he has been running around with a crazed look trying to find bad guys, but at the same time scaring people.

This brings Tank-Top Tiger (gotta love the superhero and villain names) to the fight. Saitama and Tank-Top Tiger have an exchange of words because of the reports of a crazed person running around the city. Eventually he is taken out by Speed-o’Sound Sonic because he still wants to fight Saitama and then a fight between them breaks out. If you want to call it that.

Meanwhile the Hero Association is keeping an eye on things and doing their daily reports when word of monsters in the “ghost town” of City Z has caught their attention. Two A-class heroes are dispatched to investigate, Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, and they soon discover what can be best described as a Kamen Rider or Power Rangers villain that consists of something covered in resembling that of kombu seaweed. A fight ensues between the monster, who later identifies itself as “The Ghost Town Monster” and the two A-class heroes.

After the fight with Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, the monster becomes bored and decides maybe it won’t stay there, but it soon comes in contact with Saitama who is walking home from the grocery store. The story cuts from the monster about to attack him to Saitama cooking in the kitchen with a pretty funny ending.

Even though the monster was recognized as a threat and took down two A-class heroes, Saitama never receives the recognition for stopping it. He once again goes unnoticed for this heroic deed. At this time it seems this is also unknown to Saitama as well and how he will react remains to be seen.

The Good: The fight scene between Saitama and Speed-‘o-Sound Sonic was pretty darn funny. The monster roaming the “ghost town” of City Z was another nice nod to the tokusatsu genre, especially following Mumen Rider from episode 4.

The Bad: Too short! Each fight scene could have easily been a little longer.

Overall this was another hilarious episode One-Punch Man and well worth the viewing. I can’t say enough good things about this series. If you are not watching it, the you are definitely missing out.

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