ONE-PUNCH MAN Episode 12: “The Strongest Hero“ — A.K.A. Season 1 Finale


Well as sad as it is to see the season finale for One-Punch Man premiere, it certainly ended on a high note. The conclusion of the alien invader storyline has Saitama fighting Lord Boros in a fight of champions.

For a long time now Saitama has longed for an opponent that could match him in strength and it looks like he might have just found that in leader of the alien invaders. Lord Boros unleashes some immense power on Saitama and it looks like we are in for one epic fight. As Saitama for the most part blocks the attacks from Boros, but on a couple of occasions it looks like he might have just met his match.


As the fight continues inside the ship, the fight between the S Class heroes and Melzargard on the ground continues. Now on the offense, Melzargard is taking the heroes down with Silverfang looking like his first casualty. But the heroes know his weakness now and they mount a final strike against him with Atomic Samurai literally making minced meat out of him and one hero proving he is a lot stronger than he may have first appeared.

Meanwhile Tank-Top Master enters the fight and starts to throw debris at the ship in trying to bring it down, but is yelled at by Terrible Tornado in typical bratty child form. She continues her telekinesis attack on the ship throwing debris of City A at it, causing some massive damage.

Now the fight between Saitama and Lord Boros reaches its climax, with the two exchange blows and what looks like defeat for our hero. But we know that is not the case, nor could it be.


This is all just in the first half of the episode, so it is quite fast paced. They even did the opening song as part of the fight scene between Saitama and Boros instead of breaking out of the moment with the normal intro. This was great to see and really put a strong emphasis on the fight.

In the second half of the episode we start to learn a few things that are setting things up for episodes to come. First is Terrible Tornado, which we have already learned there is something wrong with her. She is just a wrong look in her direction away from exploding with unimaginable power. Will her and Saitama be heading towards a confrontation soon?


Also arriving to the aftermath of the battle is Handsome Kamen Amai Mask and Metal Knight, both of whom were absent from the emergency meeting at the Heroes Association headquarters. The former shows up and starts to berate the heroes for doing such a poor job. He blames them for all the destruction and says they should resign for being so pathetic. This obviously doesn’t go over too well and is definitely a hint at things to come with this egotistical and mysterious Class A Rank 1 hero.


As for Metal Knight whom has shown up after the fight just to claim the alien tech for himself. This doesn’t sit well with Genos—who was forewarned by Drive Knight that Metal Knight was not his friend and should watch out for him. All of this is definitely setting up a showdown between these two so-called “heroes” and I have a feeling it will be big.

Now if you stick around after the credits (which you should have done for each episode so far), there is a little more to check out as another “monster king,” Pluton, King of the Underworld, arrives in City Y destroying everything in his path. With this scene the episode (and season) ends on a more happier note as well.


Overall this was such a great season finale for One-Punch Man. I just hope that they don’t take too long to premiere Season 2. Is there a doubt there will be a second season? As I previously have mentioned, this has become part of my Sunday routine and OPM is one of my favorite shows right now. You can watch episode 12 of One-Punch Man over at or the embed below.

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