ONE-PUNCH MAN Episode 11: “The Dominator of the Universe” — A.K.A. The Wrong Way


After watching this latest episode of One-Punch Man, I have to say I’m sad. Why you ask? Wasn’t it full of action and laughs? Yes, it most certainly was, but it is also the second to last episode for the season!

Though we shouldn’t dwell on that fact, I will move on to what this episode was all about. So this is part 2 in the multi-part storyline that started with last week’s “Unparalleled Peril” in which Earth was attacked by alien invaders. These invaders laid waste to City A, which happened to be where many Class S heroes were meeting.

By the end of the episode we left a group of Class S heroes, including Genos, wondering how they were going to take down the alien invader ship. There was another group of heroes that were on the ground below the ship in battle with one of the alien invaders who we will come to know as Melzargard, an alien with immense power. Saitama unbeknownst to many had already boarded the ship and was causing much havoc.

It is here we pick up the story and for the most part, it is hilarious start to finish. Well at least the scenes involving Saitama. As he continues to destroy the ship from the inside, it just becomes comical. From the aliens inside not knowing what is going on to Saitama’s reactions to his encounters. I think one thing that has made the character so fun to watch, is when he goes from being bored with things to being excited. The way he is drawn goes from super simple, to really serious and matching the rest of the characters in style. This is also done in the manga for those that have not read any of it.


As Puri-Puri Prisoner, Metal Bat, Atomic Samurai, Silverfang and Atomic Samurai’s protogé, Iairon continue to fight Melzargard on the ground, they soon learn that all their attacks are not doing any true harm to the alien monster. As one of the heroes falls, they figure out the creature’s weakness.

At this time is when Saitama finds the control room of the spaceship and encounters Geryuganshoop, an extremely powerful telepathic and telekinetic alien. This scene had me laughing so much.

By the end of the episode Saitama finally finds the “big boss” of the alien invaders, the Dominator of the Universe, Boros. This guy looks like a mash-up of some Dragon Ball Z characters. With just a brief interaction between Saitama and Boros, we are left with a continuation. So the final episode of One-Punch Man season 1 will be the final part to this story.


Overall this episode was so much fun, and I have to say with each episode this season it has gotten better and better. I hope the wait for season 2 isn’t a long one, because One-Punch Man has become a regular part of my Sunday routine.

You can see the latest episode of One-Punch Man over at Daisuki or watch it below. now and I’ll update this post with the VIZ Media details once they post it.

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