ONE-PUNCH MAN Anime Makes Its Debut And Is Worth Your Time

The One-Punch Man anime debuted today, as it was simulcast between its premiere in Japan, and online at (and for the rest of us. So far it was just the first episode in the new series, with new episodes to have simulcast premieres on Sundays.

The first episode covers roughly the first half of the One-Punch Man, Volume 1 manga. And for the most part, is a direct translation of the manga so far. With the introduction of Vaccine Man, to the jump back in time to One-Punch Man’s first encounter with Crablante that transformed the unemployed and lost Saitama, into the hero he is now.

Saitama’s (One-Punch Man) appearance as a simple and not very impressive looking hero will strike you as odd right from the get go. But this is what makes the series so appealing. The absurdity of it all, from the villains that look like characters from other anime series (e.g. Dragon Ball Z and Attack on Titan), to the big chin kid from the beginning of the flashback.

There doesn’t appear to be much difference between the manga and anime so far. But that is a good thing, because it continues to get funnier as the story goes on as Saitama struggles with boredom over not being able to find a worthy opponent.

The Good: It’s funny with over-the-top-action. Crazy characters, with some spoofing popular ones from other anime series.

The Bad: Only one episode is available so far.

Overall, if you are looking for something fun and off beat, then check out the One-Punch Man anime, it is definitely worth a viewing.

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