OMFG! Series 4 Kickstarter Bonus Figure Announced

The Kickstarter for October Toys’ latest figures in their OMFG! Series just got a little more enticing. The OMFG! Series 4< /strong> now has a bonus figure, Brainwave. This little guy will only be made available to Kickstarter backers. With just a little over 60 hours left, there isn’t much time to get in on this great bonus item. The Kickstarter project is a little short of its initial $16,000 funding, so they can still use your help.

The bonus figure is only being offered now, so if you were holding off to wait for the retail versions of the OMFG! Series 4, then you will miss out. So help back this project so it can get underway and start bringing even more great little creations to the hands of collectors.

omfg-series-4-kickstarter-bonus-figure-brainwave-01 omfg-series-4-kickstarter-bonus-figure-brainwave-02

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