Official Images of Transformers Combiner Wars Packaging

Once again thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR, we have images of a few of the 2015 Transformers line-up. The theme next year is Transformers Combiner Wars, which we know so far will include the Aerialbots who form Superion and the Stunticons who form Menasor. The new images show off the packaging for a few of the Aerialbots, the Voyager Class Silverbolt, along with Deluxe Class Alpha Bravo, Firely and Skydive. Along those there is one of the Stunticons, Deluxe Class Dragstrip. And lastly is the new Voyager Class Optimus Prime figure from the line. You can check out the official images below, then be sure to look for the Transformers Combiner Wars on the shelves starting in either December or very early in 2015.

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