Official Images of Takara Transformers Prime Exclusive Nightmare Unicron

toy-news-and-talkTakara Tomy recently updated their website with official images of their upcoming Transformers Prime Arms Micron Exclusive Nightmare Unicron figure. This is a limited black repaint of the AM-19 Gaia Unicron release from them. And like the original AM-19 Gaia Unicron figure, Nightmare Unicron will be able to combine with AM-25 Nemesis Prime (aka Black Optimus Prime) to create Dark Night Optimus Prime. It will be priced around $90 US and will be tentatively available in March. (Source: TakaraTomy via FMH)

takara-tomy-transformers-prime-arms-micron-nightmare-unicron-01 takara-tomy-transformers-prime-arms-micron-nightmare-unicron-02 takara-tomy-transformers-prime-arms-micron-nightmare-unicron-03

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