Official Images of Bridge Direct’s Hobbit Wave 2 Figures

toy-news-and-talkThe Bridge Direct sent out some new official images for their Hobbit Collection Wave 2 figures today (at least this is the first I’ve seen of them). The images show two of the three upcoming box sets, the Thorin Oakenshield Adventure Pack 3.75″ figures (Nori, Ori, Dori, Gloin and Thorin) and Bilbo Baggins Burglar Pack 3.75″ figures (Bifur, Bombur, Bofur, Oin and Exclusive Invisible Bilbo). The third box set not shown is the Mirkwood Pack (Legolas, Tauriel, Thranduil, Fili and Kili). Each box set will retail for $29.99. Also shown are two of the upcoming 6-inch figures too, Radagast and Azog. These will retail for $14.99 each and feature intricate detailing, clothing, weapons and accessories. The Hobbit Collection Wave 2 (The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug) is due to arrive in stores October 15th, 2013. (Source: AFI)

bridge-direct-hobbit-wave-2-box-set-thorin-0akenshields-adventure-pack bridge-direct-hobbit-wave-2-box-set-bilbo-baggins-burglar-pack bridge-direct-hobbit-azog-6-inch-figure bridge-direct-hobbit-radagast-6-inch-figure

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  • ActionFigFury

    Mate the pics for this whole entire collection will be coming very soon probably in a few weeks time, So stay tuned for more details!