October Toys’ Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Kickstarter Now Live!

I’m happy to report that October Toys have launched their new Kickstarter today for the Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Figure! This Glyos System compatible figure is the second in the series of figures based on the 90’s animated series, Skeleton Warriors. Based on the first images of Grimskull, I have to say that October Toys have really done an incredible job with it.

The Grimskull figure is “human sized” in comparison to Baron Dark, their first Skeleton Warriors figure. It stands 4″ tall with 25 points of articulation and is made of 19 modular Glyos pieces. Included with Grimskull are a removable cape, laser pistol, staff, and an alternate chest skull. Grimskull‘s pet wolf, Stalker, will be available as the first stretch goal ($54,000) and if unlocked will be included with every Grimskull figure for free!

The figure will be available in original colors for $20 and a Kickstarter exclusive Shadow Translucent Black for $25. There is also pledge levels to get Titan Skeleton figures as well. Grimskull will come packaged in full color collectors window box. October Toys is looking to raise $50,000 and right now are almost a fifth of the way there. So head on over and help fund the Skeleton Warriors Grimskull figure!

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