October Toys Announces New Pledge Level For Grimskull Kickstarter, Plus Figure Part Breakdown

October Toys posted an update to their Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Action Figure Kickstarter this evening. They have added a new pledge level that some of you might be interested in. For those looking to get every figure and variant so far in the Skeleton Warriors line, you’ll probably want to check this out:

We have just added a new pledge level for $150 which includes ALL THE KS SKELETON WARRIORS SO FAR! One Grimskull + one Kickstarter exclusive Shadow Translucent Black Grimskull + one Baron Dark + one Kickstarter exclusive Lightstar Crystal Translucent Blue Baron Dark + TWO Bone Titan Skeleton + one Lighstar Crystal Translucent Blue Titan Skeleton + TWO Shadow Titan Skeleton + one original Traveler Skeleden

This level is limited to 20 pledges, so grab your full Skeleton Warrior action figures sets quick!

As of this post I’m writing here, there are 11 of the 20 pledges left for this level. So it looks like this is turning into a popular option for some. If you are interested, I wouldn’t hesitate to pledge (or change your pledge) very long or you’ll miss out!

In addition to that new pledge level, October Toys has posted an image that shows the breakdown for the Grimskull figure. To give you an idea of what to expect with this breakdown, a breakdown of Baron Dark, the figure from the first Kickstarter is also shown below.

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