No Kryptonite In ‘Man Of Steel ‘?

hollywood-movie-newsEntertainment Weekly recently had the chance to sit down with the cast and crew of upcoming summer blockbuster Man Of Steel. During the interview, director Zack Snyder chimed in when asked if Kryptonite would play a role in the film…

“The emotional weakness that Cavill brings up is also a point that director Zack Snyder mentioned about the film, in response to “Will we see Kryptonite in the movie?”

“I’ll be honest with you,” said the director. “There’s no Kryptonite in the movie. It’s all emotional Kryptonite.”

And then the fandom burst into flames from rage. I’m just kidding. Though it does seem that there is quite the outrage about this latest bit of information. What do you think? Is this important? Superman does have other weaknesses besides Kryptonite (e.g. Magic). Also don’t forget that the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has a spotlight on the Man of Steel, including new images and information. Man of Steel opens in theaters on June 14th, 2013. (Source:

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