Nintendo Already Moving Along With New Console?


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced, today, that the company is moving forward with a new piece of hardware under the codename “NX”. No information was given if the Nintendo NX will be a new handheld or another new console, but an announcement in early 2016 is expected.

Besides the news of new hardware in development, Nintendo announced it will be brining it’s cast of characters and library of licenses to mobile devices thanks to a partnership with mobile game developer DeNA. Nintendo is adamant that games will not be simply ported and instead, new games optimized for mobile devices will be created.

Being a fan of the under appreciated Wii U, it is sad to possibly see the consoles lifespan cut short. Nintendo offers a completely different gaming experience that their competition doesn’t offer. Many felt that the issues with poor sales for the Wii U were attributed to the console’s name too closely resembling its predecessor, the Wii, as many consumers weren’t  aware the Wii U was a different console. I’m hopeful the Nintendo NX has a more distinct name, if it is indeed a new console.

Source: GameInformer

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