‘Ninja Turtles’ Release Date Pushed Back A Little Bit

hollywood-movie-newsParamount has announced that they are pushing back the release date for the upcoming live-action/CGI Ninja Turtles reboot. The original release date was for May 16th, 2014, but has not been pushed back a few weeks later to June 6th. This shouldn’t come as too much a surprise since things were slowed down by a budget adjustment in the beginning. Casting does seem to have started, with recent reports of Megan Fox cast in the assumed role of April O’Neil, which has yet to be officially confirmed. This move does put the Ninja Turtles in a tight spot up against Jurassic Park IV which opens the following week. Will the Turtles have the muscle to take on dinosaurs? Guess we will find out eventually. (Source: ComingSoon.net)

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