Nike’s Kickasso Joker Soccer Boot is No Laughing Matter

Nike Kickasso JokerYes, Nike is serious.

Taking a cue from the clown prince of crime, the sporting giant has designed a special version of their Tiempo Legend soccer boots after Batman’s archnemesis, The Joker. The Nike Kickasso Joker boots are styled with a maddening mix of purple, red, green, black and white colors resembling The Joker’s appearance from The Dark Knight Rises. The colors intersect and bleed into one another around the boot with red strategically wrapped around the Nike swoosh to represent The Joker’s scarred permanent smirk. Even the twistedly scripted “Ha” laugh appears on the boots.

Nike’s Kickasso Joker has a soft kangaroo leather upper with a dual-density TPU outsole and each pair is custom made. The Kickasso Joker’s are priced $399.99 and are available for purchase from World Soccer Shop.

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