Next Wave of Nintendo Amiibo Figures Revealed

Nintendo Amiibo Yarn Yoshi
Nintendo has announced the next wave of Amiibo figures coming this spring and summer, as well as a few new additions to the Amiibo brand for the fall, during their spring Nintendo Direct event.

On May 29, Amiibo figures of Charizard, Pac-Man, Wario, Jigglypuff, Greninja, Lucina, Robin and Ness are scheduled for release, with Ness being a exclusive. In July, Dark Pit and Palutena from Kid Icarus fame join the Amiibo lineup followed by Bowser Jr., Pikmin, Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf and Dr. Mario in September.

This fall, Splatoon will get a three pack Amiibo set that includes boy and girl characters and Inkling enemy. While the boy and girl characters will be available individually, as well, the Inkling is exclusive to the three-pack, for now.

In addition to the traditional static-posed, plastic figures the Amiibo brand will expand to new formats including trading card Amiibos to support the launch of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Maker as well as a stuffed Yoshi Amiibo made of yarn to coincide with the release of Yoshi’s Wooly World for the Wii U. Look for the new Amiibo cards and yarn Yoshi Amiibos this fall.

Finally, in lieu of the sentence where I usually note where Amiibos can be purchased at retail and online, I’m going to wish you the best of luck finding the new Amiibos because as an Amiibo collector, I know how difficult they’re been to find.

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  • Barbecue17

    I’m not an Amiibo collector bu I totally see the appeal. I do have an odd Amiibo story, though. A few months ago I found a broken Link Amiibo in a geocache. It was stuffed in a small sized cache. What an odd trinket to find? I left it for the next finder as I’m content with my World of Nintendo Link, but still.

    • They’re a cool add-on to the games, but if you’re going to create an add-on that unlocks additional features in a game you have to make it widely available. I play Captain Toad Treasure Tracker all the time and the Toad Amiibo unlocks additional content for the game, but I’ve yet to see one. To make matters worse, I pre-ordered a half dozen Amiibo figures from Entertainment Earth and months later they cancelled them all with no warning or anything. They won’t be getting my business ever again. Just one of those fads.