Next Round of Robo Force Figures On Sale Tomorrow Night!

toy-news-and-talkA heads up to those interested in the new Robo Force figures from Toyfinity. Tomorrow night a new round of figures will go up for sale. They are the Hunter Robo Force’s Sentinel the Protector and DX Genesis Robo Force’s Wrecker the Demolisher.

Sentinel the Protector will come in the Ultra-Silver pearlescent metallic looking color and Wrecker the Demolisher will feature the glow in the dark option. Both of which we have seen with the latest Glyos drop from Onell Design, Outlander and recent Kabuto Mushi.

The Hunter Robo Force’s Sentinel the Protector is priced at $16 with no limits and features 41-pieces to build Maxx Zero, Hun-Dred, Enemy, or your own robotic creation. As for DX Genesis Robo Force’s Wrecker the Demolisher, this one is priced at $30, but includes 58-pieces that glow in the dark. It is limited to 2 per customer.

Both go on sale tomorrow Sunday, March 23rd, at 9 pm EST along with another batch of Mordles too. When the store goes live with inventory, you can buy them here. Good luck!

robo-force-sentinel-ultra-alloy-figure robo-force-wrecker-gitd-figure robo-force-wrecker-promo

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