Next Generation Xbox Arriving In Time For The 2013 Holiday Season?

video-games-gaming-newsIn the last couple of years, talk of the next generation consoles has become more prevalent. Also more and more upcoming games are talked about being available for those next gen consoles. So it isn’t much surprise to hear rumblings and rumors about them. Many gamers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next PlayStation and/or Xbox.

Well today, another rumor can be thrown into the ring for the Xbox. According to a report on Bloomberg, Microsoft is on track to release the next Xbox for the 2013 holiday season. It is also said that Microsoft is not sure if they are going to debut it at the 2013 E3 show in June, or host an event of their own.

The new device is planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas sales, said the people, who declined to be identified because the product road map is confidential. The software maker hasn’t decided whether to unveil the new Xbox at an industry event such as the E3 show in June, or a separate event devoted solely to the machine, one of the people said.

At this point, we have to take this for what it is, a rumor. But it is very likely one considering how close those next generation consoles are to being ready for the public consumption, I would think there is a good chance this is on the money. (Source: Bloomberg via GameInformer)

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    I think i may skip the first year of the ps4/x-box next generation console.Usually the first year is a average run of the mill launch games like madden,race car series,ect….now if the star wars and BF4 are launch games i might reconsider.