Next BotCon 2013 Exclusive Unveiled, Machine Wars Strika!

television-news-and-talkAs a Valentine to fan’s, the Transformers Collectors’ Club posted another 2013 BotCon Exclusive reveal today. The latest Machine Wars Transformer to be unveiled is Strika. Last seen during the Transformers: Animated third season, Strika is a formidable Decepticon General. She uses the Transformers Generations Warpath body, with a new head sculpt and paint scheme. This latest BotCon reveal joins Hoist and Skywarp for the 2013 BotCon Exclusive Set that has been revealed so far.

Featured originally on the Beast Machines cartoon and later on Transformers Animated, this legendary Cybertronian General is a NEW addition to the MACHINE WARS line and mythos and is available EXCLUSIVELY as part of the 5 figure “Machines of War” box set. Keep it tuned here as these toys will be available for purchase through our registration system soon.

UPDATE: An image of the alt mode for Strika has been posted. It is mirrored below.

botcon-2013-strika-robot-mode botcon-2013-strika-head-drawings botcon-2013-exclusive-strika-alt-mode

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