New Transformers Generations Combiner Wars / Titans Return Announcements With Press Images

This morning some big Transformers news has been announced across the toy news sites. First up is that a Titan Class Fortress Maximus has been confirmed. No images of the actual toy have been shown, but promo art has been revealed. Following this next Titan Class Transformer, Hasbro announced a new fan vote for a new Titan Class figure that will either be Omega Supreme, Scorponok, or Trypticon! The winner of this vote will be released in Fall 2017. Voting starts on Tuesday, Nov. 24th at 1 p.m. EST on the Transformers Official Facebook page.

Also revealed is a new Transformers Combiner Wars G2 Combaticons / Bruticus Box Set that will include Shockwave in a Actionmaster deco; a new Leader Class Powermaster Optimus Prime (a slight retooling of the Leader Class Ultra Magnus); and a new product line called ALT-Modes, which feature popular characters sporting a tiny body with a giant head. Lastly new Mini-Cons for the Robots In Disguise lineup have been revealed too.

Check out all the great product in the gallery below.

Combiner Wars / Titans Return:

Robots In Disguise:

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