New Transformers Combiner Wars Official Images

Thanks to we have some new Transformers Combiner Wars images to check out. They are pretty lo-res, but still gives a new look at the upcoming Combiner Wars Wave 2 Legends Class, Wave 2 Deluxe Class, Wave 2 Voyager Class and Wave 1 Leader Class figures coming our way in 2015. Shown are Decepticon Blackjack, Autobot Huffer, Aerialbot Air Raid, along with Stunticons: Breakdown, Dead End and Offroad. In addition to those Legends and Deluxe Class figures, we have a look at Voyager Class Motormaster and Megatron in both G1 deco (Tank) version and Armada version. Hopefully Hasbro will release some hi-res versions of these images soon so we can get a better look at these Transformers Combiner Wars figures. (Source:

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