New Teaser For JESSIC JONES Netflix Series, We Learn She Hates Clocks!

Netflix has posted a new teaser today for the upcoming Marvel series, Jessica Jones. The second of four shows in the “Defenders” line-up on Netflix. The first was Daredevil, then Jessica Jones, followed by Luke Cage and eventually Iron Fist. So this is the second teaser, and unlike the first teaser, it shows actually footage of the show, albeit not really much of it though. We learn that Jessica Jones is slacker sleeping into the late hours of the afternoon and that she hates clocks. Joking aside, I’m sure that this will be another great series. We already saw with Daredevil that the freedom of being on Netflix allows Marvel to go beyond that which they restricted by being on ABC. All episodes of Jessica Jones will be available on November 20th on Netflix.

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