New Tamashii Effects, Act Light Lighted Stand Announced

Tamashii Effect

One of our favorite recent additions to Tamashii Nations’ product catalog are the Tamashii Effects parts. The effects parts add a new dimension of display to figures and are compatible with most of the articulated Tamashii Nations figures such as the S.H. Figuarts line. In fact, like the popular Act-4 Stage stands (which many collectors have adopted as their go to for their Star Wars Black Series and Marvel Legends figures), the Tamashii Effects are compatible with just about any 6-inch scale figure line.

Bandai has announced more Tamashii Effect parts are coming with the addition of the wind (green), electricity (yellow) cloud and energy effects. These join the already released blue and red flame effects, beige and gray impact effects and the red and gray explosion effects, which are now available for pre-order.

In addition to the new effects, Tamashii revealed the Act Light stand, which is a stage with a lighted base that give figures a discerning display aesthetic and the wilderness stage, which is a rock base stand with several jutting mesas. Look for both the effects parts and stages for pre-order in the coming months.

Source: AmiAmi Blog

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