New Still Images from ‘Iron Man 3,’ Possiblly Hint at a Plot Reveal?

hollywood-movie-newsOver at ComicBookMovie they posted some new still images (mirrored below) from the Empire magazine. The images feature Robert Downey, Jr., Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Guy Pearce as their respective characters Iron Man/Tony Stark, James Rhodes, Pepper Potts, and Aldrich Killian. The images themselves are not anything too exciting, but if you take note of the image with Robert Downey, Jr. and Don Cheadle, the logo on Downey Jr.’s t-shirt. Looks to be an A.I.M. logo. Yes, I mean THE Advanced Idea Mechanics of the Marvel Universe. Is this a hint to the Iron Man 3 plot or something for future Marvel movies? If it is neither, I still think it is pretty cool to see these kinds of little Easter Eggs in movies like this. What do you think? (Source: ComicBookMovie)

iron-man-3-still-image-empire-magazine-01 iron-man-3-still-image-empire-magazine-02 iron-man-3-still-image-empire-magazine-03

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