New Star Trek Legacy Minimates Series 1 Images and Control Art

toy-news-and-talkThe barrage of Star Trek collectibles is about to flood the market and Diamond Select has plenty to offer toy fans. Today they revealed the Toys R Us Exclusive assortment from their Star Trek Legacy Minimates Series 1. The Toys R Us assortment includes 2-packs featuring, Captain Kirk & Kahn (gold shirt) (Star Trek: The Original Series), Captain Picard (captain’s jacket) & Hugh (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Captain Sisko (vest) & Gul Dukat (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and Captain Janeway & Seven of Nine (Star Trek: Voyager). Also available will be a specialty store assortment of 2-packs that includes Admiral Kirk & Khan (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), Captain Picard & Borg Queen (Star Trek: First Contact), Captain Sisko & Jem Hadar (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and Captain Archer & Xindi (Star Trek: Enterprise).

Lastly, the long-awaited Star Trek Minimates vehicle, the U.S.S. Enterprise, will feature an opening bridge dome and engineering section, a removable command chair with display base, and an adjustable display stand. There will be three versions available, a standard edition, which will come with Captain Kirk, a communicator and a phaser rifle. A second “Trouble with Tribbles” edition (with green-shirt Kirk and tribbles) available exclusively at Entertainment Earth. And finally, a third edition, a “Mirror, Mirror” variant (the ISS Enterprise with Mirror Kirk) which will be available exclusively at Action Figure Xpress.

You can check out the new images mirrored below, along with some previously posted images of the Specialty Store assortment and U.S.S. Enterprise and variants. Looks for Star Trek Legacy Minimates next month, on June 12th! (Source: Art Asylum)

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  • Actually, the Mirror Enterprise is at AFX, and the Tribbles are at Ent. Earth!