New Promos For AMC’s INTO THE BADLANDS; Plus “Building The World Of” Featurette and More

There are a few shows that I am particularly excited for this fall TV season. Some of those are the returns of shows like Arrow and The Flash, and the debut of Supergirl. There are also shows like Ash Vs Evil Dead that I’m excited about, then we have AMC’s upcoming series, Into the Badlands. It’s like the show was created just for me. I love sci-fi and I love martial arts movies, so putting the two together and as a TV series is like a dream come true.

We are just a just a few short weeks away from the premiere of Into the Badlands and AMC has certainly been ramping up the promotion for the series too. They have post two new promos online (which may have or may not have been on TV yet) to get you revved up for the show. In addition to the promos, we have a featurette titled “Building the World of Into the Badlands,” which as you can imagine takes behind-the-scenes a little and shows the massive sets they have created to bring the world to life in the series.

Also available are a couple of featurettes that break down the character hierarchy for us, The Clippers and The Barons. Lastly there is a sneak peek at the series with a fight scene from the premiere episode.

Into the Badlands premieres on Sunday, Nov. 15th at 10pm following The Walking Dead on AMC.

Into the Badlands Promo #1

Into the Badlands Promo #2

Into the Badlands: Building the World of Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands: The Cutters

Into the Badlands: The Barons

Into the Badlands: Sneak Peek

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