New Power Lords Test Shot Images

toy-news-and-talkOver at the Power Lords Return site, The Four Horsemen have posted some images of new Power Lords test shots along with some 2-up tooling parts. Have to say these are looking great. Can’t wait to get them. I managed to place a pre-order for the Power Lords Power Solider and Elite Power Soldier, which I look forward to getting in-hand too. And speaking of those figures, some new images were posted of the figures at Onell Design last week. I’ve mirrored a few of them below. (Source: Power Lords Return)

power-lords-test-shots-092513-01 power-lords-test-shots-092513-02 power-lords-test-shots-092513-03 power-lords-elite-power-solider-01 power-lords-elite-power-solider-02 power-lords-power-soldier-new-and-vintage

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