New Play With This Too Desolataur 3D Turn-Arounds Look Badass!

Play With This Too shared a look at the final 3D turn-around renderings for their upcoming Desolataur figure. It looks absolutely awesome too. This 6″ figure will soon be heading off to be 3D printed for prototyping and making adjustments. PWTToo says, “What you’re not seeing are the chains that hang down from his shoulders and chest. Those will be actual metal chains.” Sounds like they are pulling out all the stops for their first series of figures. They are hoping the Kickstarter campaign will be launching sometime next month. (Source: PWTToo)

pwtoo-desolataur-3d-turn-arounds-final-01 pwtoo-desolataur-3d-turn-arounds-final-02

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