New Official Images of Transformers Generations Rattrap and Tankor

toy-news-and-talkThanks to the Transformers Columbia facebook page, we have some new official images of the upcoming Transformers Generations Rattrap and Tankor figures. The images include in packaging and both modes. Crosscut was also supposed to be with these figures, but has been delayed until September. Both Rattrap and Tankor should be available this summer. You can check out the new images in the gallery below. (Source: Facebook)

transformers-generations-deluxe-rattrap-pkg transformers-generations-deluxe-rattrap-robot-mode transformers-generations-deluxe-rattrap-alt-mode transformers-generations-deluxe-tankor-pkg transformers-generations-deluxe-tankor-robot-mode transformers-generations-deluxe-tankor-alt-mode

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  • Spiderpope

    Gah everytime i see Tankor my heart breaks a little again. How could they do that to Rhinox :'(