New “Marvel Year By Year A Visual Chronicle” Hardcover Book

comic-book-newsI already have a few Marvel books from publisher, Dorling Kindersley. As a Marvel fan, they are pretty cool to have in your collection. This latest book from DK Publishing, Marvel Year By Year A Visual Chronicle looks to be another great addition too. Aiming to tell you everything you might want to know about Marvel, year by year. Opening with a foreword from Stan Lee, this book covers everything in chronological order, from Marvel’s beginnings in the late 1930s, to the founding of the Marvel Universe of Super Heroes in the 60s, to the present day. This is all wrapped under a hard cover with artwork by fan-favorite Marvel artist Jim Cheung and written by Marvel historians Peter Sanderson, Tom Brevoort, and Matthew K. Manning. The Marvel Year By Year A Visual Chronicle book is for pre-order now on, currently it is priced at $39.58, but these books have a tendency to drop in price. So keep an eye on it. I know I will be picking up a copy! (Via

marvel-comics-year-by-year-a-visual-chronicle-cover marvel-comics-year-by-year-a-visual-chronicle-preview-page-01 marvel-comics-year-by-year-a-visual-chronicle-preview-page-02 marvel-comics-year-by-year-a-visual-chronicle-preview-page-03

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