New Marvel Teasers, “Resurrection,” “Be Vigilant” and “Say Something”

comic-book-newsYesterday and today, Marvel released a few new teasers. Posted yesterday was a familiar single word teaser with “Resurrection” on it. Looking at what we have, we see red and yellow used for the word, which could mean something to do with Jean Grey or the Phoenix. With the upcoming Trial of Jean Grey that is crossing over with the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy, which is written by Brian Wood, I would think this is has something to do with that.

The second teaser isn’t as quite as cryptic. It looks like propaganda poster almost and features the words “Be Vigilant” on it. We know it has something to do with the upcoming Inhumanity event. The teaser posted today is also tied into this event, and features “See Something” across it. What exactly either of these have to do with the upcoming storyline, other than promotion, remains to be seen. At this point all we know is something big will be taking place in the Marvel Universe as a result of Black Bolt detonating a Terrigen Bomb that released the Terrigen Mist on Earth and activating latent abilities in many Inhuman descendants. (Source: Marvel)

marvel-comics-resurrection-teaser marvel-comics-inhumanity-be-vigilant-teaser marvel-now-inhumanity-see-something-teaser

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