New Marvel Lego ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Sets Possibly Reveal A Spoiler?


A scan of a Lego catalog surfaced online revealing some Captain America: Civil War sets. From what can be gleaned from the image could be in the realm of a spoiler. Now with that said, it also doesn’t mean that what is shown is exactly correct either as these sets are known to embellish things and just go off with their own ideas being slightly tied in.

So spoiler ahead. Don’t look at the image if you don’t want things ruined for you.

If you look at the image, the set featured in the bottom right corner section features an all out fight between the Avengers in an airport setting. But what is interesting in this scenario is Ant-Man. Or should I call him Giant Man? He appears to be very enlarged in the image. So does this mean we will be seeing this in the film? What do you think?


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