New Live-Action ‘Patlabor’ Movie Promo Images

hollywood-movie-newsA couple of weeks ago we got a first look at the life-size Ingram mech from the live-action Patlabor movie with a prop that was on set. Now today, we have a new poster that has surfaced for the live-action movie. It gives us another look at the life-size Ingram from the film. The official website for the movie has been updated with a new background images too, that features another look at the mech. The live-action The Next-Generation Patlabor movie will be released sometime in 2014. (Source: via ANN)

patlabor-live-action-movie-poster-081513 patlabor-live-action-movie-website-background-screenshot-081513 patlabor-live-action-movie-website-background-image-081513

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