New King of Kong Crowned as Donkey Kong World Record Score Broken

Wes Copeland is the new King of Kong. In an over 3-hour marathon play, Copeland broke the Donkey Kong high score record racking up 1,218,000 points.

Amazingly, Copeland advanced to level 21 of the game without losing a single life. He then strategically used up three of the four lives to accumulate points before to advancing to the level 22 kill screen. In Donkey Kong, level 22 has a bug in the programming that causes the timer to limit play to fewer than 7 seconds, making it impossible to complete the level. Therefore, Copeland played what equates to the perfect game leaving those familiar with the game speculating that his high score is unbeatable.

The Donkey Kong high score record is considered the ultimate badge of honor among retro gamers. In 2007, director Seth Gordon captured the competitiveness surrounding the arcade classic in his documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, which follows a group of hopefuls looking to break the 25-year-old Donkey Kong high score world record.

Donkey Kong was released in 1981.

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