New ‘Iron Man 3′ Set Photos, Mark XLVII and Iron Patriot Suits Front and Center

hollywood-movie-newsThe next Marvel Universe movie in production is ‘Iron Man 3‘ which will feature Robert Downey Jr. returning as billionaire Tony Stark. There are some details out there for the movie, but not a whole lot is known. One thing we do know for sure is that IM3 will feature the Iron Patriot suit of armor.

Worn by Harry Osborne in the comics (which can’t be used in the movies since Sony owns the rights to Osborne currently), it is entirely unclear who exactly will be wearing this suit. It was said early on that it was Detroit Steel, but recent rumors have it as a War Machine update.

Guess we will find out soon enough as production is still under way. Any ways, here are some images from on set in Florida that is currently being done. (Source Geek Tyrant via Daily Mail)

iron-man-3-set-photo iron-man-3-set-photo iron-man-3-set-photo
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