New ‘Iron Man 3′ Image Featuring Rebecca Hall as Dr. Maya Hansen

hollywood-movie-newsMarvel released a new image from their upcoming Iron Man 3 movie. The latest image features Rebecca Hall as Dr. Maya Hansen. Those unfamiliar with the Dr. Maya Hansen character, she is the one that creates the Extremis Virus in the Iron Man comics. The Extremis Virus is what allows Tony Stark to control the armor with his brain and store parts of the inner armor within his bones after Dr. Hansen performs surgery on him. It is not known if this will all carry over to the movie or just parts of it. We do know that Tony becomes rattled and injured after the attack by the Mandarin. We also know there is a scene where he undergoes surgery in the movie. So to what extent does all this carry over? Guess will soon find out. Be sure to watch the new trailer for Iron Man 3 during the Super Bowl this Sunday. Iron Man 3 arrives in theaters on May 3rd, 2013.


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