New In-Hand Images of Transformers Generations Trailcutter Prototype & Pre-Production Figures

toy-news-and-talkThanks to a couple of Transformers fans, we have a good look at the upcoming Transformer Generations Trailcutter figure. Images of both a prototype version and a pre-production/production sample have been shared. TFW2005 member Cobra Zartan posted a few images of a prototype version of Trailcutter, the worthy note of these images is that he posted images that show a size comparison of the figure. The thread, which starts back earlier this month shows Trailcutter in comparison to prototypes of Prime Bumblebee and FoC Soundwave. Also thanks to ACToys member 11-11 we have a few pre-production/production sample images of Trailcutter to go with. I’ve mirrored the images of ACToys below and some of the prototype images too, but there are more over at TFW2005. (Source: TFW2005)

transformers-generations-trailcutter-prototype-pic-by-cobra-zartan-01 transformers-generations-trailcutter-prototype-pic-by-cobra-zartan-02 transformers-generations-trailcutter-prototype-pic-by-cobra-zartan-03 transformers-generations-trailcutter-prototype-pic-by-cobra-zartan-04

Images of a pre-production/production sample Trailcutter thanks to ACToys member 11-11.
transformers-generations-trailcutter-pic-from-actoys-01 transformers-generations-trailcutter-pic-from-actoys-03 transformers-generations-trailcutter-pic-from-actoys-02

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