New Images and Pre-Orders for NECA’s Predators Series Bad Blood Predator and Blade Fighter Vehicle

toy-news-and-talkThis morning, NECA has posted some new images and details for their upcoming Predators Series Bad Blood figure and Blade Fighter vehicle. Probably two of the most anticipated items from NECA this year will be arriving in late summer.

First is the Bad Blood Predator. Based on the character from the Dark Horse series of the same name, it was originally intended to be released with Series 12, but was changed to a Deluxe Figure to keep all the great accessories with it. The figure stands about 8-inch tall and features over 25 points of articulation. It comes with a sword, spear, trophy heads, piercings and more paint applications and decoration than any of the previous 60+ Predator figures released from NECA. Bad Blood will also be packaged in deluxe packaging utilizing original art from the Dark Horse series.

Also a much-anticipated item, and first for the Predators line, the Blade Fighter vehicle! is an homage to a classic Kenner vehicle from the 1993 Predator toy line. When fully assembled, the Blade Fighter is over 2 feet in length and accommodates most 6-8 inch tall figures. It features a hinged cockpit, ball-jointed cannons, spring-loaded projectile, spring-loaded detachable 19-inch long blades, and removable wing guns that can be hand-held by most of the Predator figures from the popular line.

The Blade Fighter also includes areas for extra weapon storage and clips for holding an extra Predator mask. This is a must-have for Predator fans and will come in a gorgeous closed box packaging featuring original art and illustrations like vintage toy lines of yesteryear. Please note, the Viper Predator in the image does not come with the vehicle. At one time it was intended to, but has since been move to Predators Series 12.

Both the Bad Blood Deluxe Figure and Blade Fighter vehicle will be available in August. You can pre-order them here at online retailer BigBadToyStore. (Source: NECA)

neca-predators-series-bad-blood-deluxe-figure-01 neca-predators-series-bad-blood-deluxe-figure-02 neca-predators-series-blade-fighter-vehicles-01 neca-predators-series-blade-fighter-vehicles-02

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  • Very cool!

    • I’m pretty excited about these. Bad Blood looks great and the Blade Fighter is very cool looking, even if it is a bit pricey.