New Images of Transformers Masterpiece MP-18 (Blue)Streak and MP-19 Smokescreen

toy-news-and-talkOnce again thanks to Planet Iacon – Singapore Transformers Fans Unite Facebook page, some new images of upcoming Transformers Masterpiece MP-18 Bluestreak and MP-19 Smokescreen are available. These are expected in the coming months, MP-18 Bluestreak is supposed to be available some time this month, and MP-19 Smokescreen is due in December. They are priced at $79.99 and are available for pre-order still at online retailer BigBadToyStore. (Source: Facebook)

transformers-masterpiece-mp-18-bluestreak-01 transformers-masterpiece-mp-18-bluestreak-02 transformers-masterpiece-mp-18-bluestreak-03 transformers-masterpiece-mp-19-smokescreen-01 transformers-masterpiece-mp-19-smokescreen-02 transformers-masterpiece-mp-19-smokescreen-03

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