New Images of The Huntress from Upcoming ‘Arrow’ Episode 8, “Vendetta”

television-news-and-talkThanks to the CW and GreenArrowTV, the are some new images from upcoming Arrow episode, “Vendetta.” It is Part 2, to the November 28th episode “Muse of Fire”, that debuts Helena/The Huntress played by Jessica De Gouw. De Gouw as The Huntress, will continue to appear throughout the season, but these two episodes are the premiere episodes for her character. There are some images below, but I’ve only mirrored a few of them, there are more to check out over at GreenArrowTV. The episode “Vendetta” premieres on December 5th on The CW. (Source: GreenArrowTV)

arrow-episode-8-vendetta-with-jessica-de-gouw-as-the-huntress-01 arrow-episode-8-vendetta-with-jessica-de-gouw-as-the-huntress-02 arrow-episode-8-vendetta-with-jessica-de-gouw-as-the-huntress-03

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