New Images of Jada Toys’ RoboCop 4″, 6″ and 12″ Figures

toy-news-and-talkJada Toys has recently updated their website, more specifically the RoboCop section of it. They seem to have added images and some details of their upcoming 4-inch, 6-inch and 12-inch RoboCop figures, as well as their remote control RoboCop Cruister and roleplay items.

Both the V1.0 and V3.0 RoboCop 4-inch figures feature 9 points of articulation and include taser and machine gun accessories. The 6-inch versions feature 9 points of articulation, light-up visors, and include taser and machine gun accessories. And the 12-inch talking V3 RoboCop features 5 points of articulation, 10 alternating phrases from the movie, and include taser and machine gun accessories.

There are two versions of RoboCop that come with the Police Cruiser 3.0. One is a pull-back and release version, the other is a R/C version. The pull-back version is smaller, features a spring-loaded weapons that can shoot projectiles at an included EM-208 target (not show, I’m assuming this is cardboard) and comes with a removable 4-inch RoboCop.

There are some roleplay items, that I didn’t mirror here, a RoboCop helmet and chest plate, you can check them out at Jada Toys’ website. The 4-inch and 6-inch figures look promising, will have to wait to see them in-hand to maker a better assessment of them. I think it is an easy pass for me on the rest of the items. (Source: Jada Toys)

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